"Short" Movies

Jameson (2018)

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A man's peaceful life is disrupted when three dangerous travelers lay siege to his secluded cabin in the woods.

Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron (2019)

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Riri Williams feels socially isolated because she is young for a college student. Hala the Accuser destroys the school's engineering lab and kidnaps Riri's best friend. inspired by Iron Man, Riri hatches a plan to save the day.

The Woods (2017)

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After what was supposed to be a fun night to connect with old friends, a group of friends is stranded in the woods, unable to call for help.

The Circle (2018)

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A street artist and his estranged son reconnect as a result of their common interest, art.

HP: The Wolf - True Alpha (2018)

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Crow: The Legend (2018)

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The carefree forest animals imagine spring will last forever. However, winter comes and the animals soon realize that their lives are in danger. What they need is a hero; what they need is Crow: The Legend.

Locker Room (2017)

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After discovering something she was never meant to see, 16-year-old girl begins to examine her close friendship with three boys from the school football team.

Hermanos (2019)

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"Hermanos" is the story of Juan and Mateo, two childhood friends whose older brothers are leaders of rival Latino street gangs. It's about the struggle to maintain a friendship while staying loyal to family in an unforgiving neighborhood.

Haircut (2018)

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A middle-aged barber has to calm the situation when a desperate teenage drug dealer holds up the barbershop at gunpoint.

Lucy's Tale (2018)

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Between mean girls, her first romance, and budding hormones, Lucy begins to realize that she's not like the other teenagers in her class in this coming-of-age horror.

Alternative Math (2017)

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A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.

Listen to Me (2017)

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This is the story about a deaf girl who has been bullied to the point where is completely broken and decides to try to end her life. A student worker sees her and must now try to save her life.

Perfectly Natural (2018)

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For first-time parents Wanda and Zach, Future Families is a lifetime opportunity: a virtual childcare system that gives their baby access to a better life. Sponsored by the company where Wanda works, this technology allows her to leave her son connected to a virtual version of herself while she works additional hours. The possibilities are endless: the baby can learn anything that Artificial Intelligence teaches him, has medical support and is always taken care of by the virtual mother. Who hasn't believed that technology would make their lives easier-only to find there's often a downside? Wanda will soon realize that her company has a secret agenda, and this technology may come at a higher cost.

Anxiety (2018)

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A man lets a stranger into his cabin and the two begin to grow suspicious of each other as a radio broadcast creates anxiety between them.

Bilby (2018)

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Set in the Australian outback, 'Bilby' follows the desert-dwelling marsupial Perry through the trials and tribulations of "parenthood" after he saves a defenseless chick from predators and inadvertently becomes her protector.

Anima (2019)

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In a short musical film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Thom Yorke of Radiohead scores and stars in a mind-bending visual piece. Best played loud.

The Joker (2017)

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When the 'Ghetto Killings' in Gotham City become out of control, Commissioner Jim Gordon travels to Arkham Asylum to interrogate the Joker on the killings - as a suspect behind the crime. However, as the interrogation unfolds it soon is unclear who is truly being interrogated; as the meeting becomes ever more hostile.

Passion Gap (2017)

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Elani survived her brutal childhood by carefully watching people. Now she plans to use her relationship with Mikey to get out of Cape Town for good. All she has to do is manage his ego for one more night, but the seeds of violence were planted in her life early on.

The Seditionist (2018)

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In a future-dystopian world known as Starkam, Eloy, a young survivor of the notorious "black-bagging", plans to rescue his mother from a government medical facility.

Deep Clean (1970)

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A troubled kid forced into boring work experience on his Uncle's road crew discovers it is actually hiding an amazing secret.

Apart from Everything (1970)

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After a two-year absence and a recent stint in rehab, Fran (Tatiana Maslany) returns home to Toronto. Struggling to live soberly for the first time in her adult life, she must face the emotional fallout of her disappearance and make amends with the girlfriend (Tattiawna Jones) and the brother (Sergio DiZio) she left behind.

The Whistle 2 (1970)

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The Whistle 2

Marguerite (1970)

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An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past.

Safe Haven (1970)

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Two innocent orphans, Maiky and Alice, are trying to survive in a world overrun by war. The children hide in a rundown house while the raging war is catching up on them. Maiky and Alice are forced to escape from their shelter strolling through the ruins of a bombed city. Alice and Maiky are looking for a place which enables them to feel like children again, a Safe Haven. It seems they will never be able to escape the war but still they hold on to hope.